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Upcoming Greenfield Industrial Smart City Dholera SIR

Dholera SIR Development Progress, Highlights & Deadlines

Dholera SIR Development Progress, Highlights & Deadlines 


All global Investors are curiously waiting for The Largest Greenfield Smart City Dholera SIR Project Completion. There is no fixed Deadline date for the Dholera Smart City Project in Gujarat.


But, you need to end up all your worries about deadlines because only deadlines are not important. Investors only focus on Profitability




Yup, As you see in this Video Series the Dholera Smart City Development Grows speedily. Well, I share here this Dholera Development Progress Video Series. 


Dholera smart city current Status 2020

Dholera Smart City Latest Updates

Dholera smart city current status


Dholera Smart City will develop in Phased Manner. The Airport Authority of India Issued a tender of 987 Crore for The International Airport Construction At Dholera Sir. See more at The International Airport Tender 


When we talk about any city's progress, Development Progress has never deadlines. Especially, Dholera Smart City is the Biggest Greenfield Smart City project in India. National Television Also represented The Dholera Smart City Development progress.


The Dholera Smart City developed under 6 town planning Schemes as Per the Proposed Plan of the Dholera Smart City Project. Town planning schemes 1 & 2 will be completed in 2022. Town planning schemes 3 & 4. will be completed by 2032. Town planning schemes 5 & 6 will be completed by 2042. 

After Completion of Development Phase 1 in 2022, there is an area developed about 154 Sq. km. it is equivalent to Gujarat’s Gift City Gandhinagar. It is capable to accommodate 5 lakhs of People with Industries. Dholera Activation area 

Dholera Activation Area is also Known as Dholera Industrial Park. It is about 22.54 spread across Dholera. 

Recently, the government has signed an MoU with Cerestra Ventures for establishing a Gujarat Special Education Region(G-SER). It has the development potential of 5000 acres of land in DSIR comprising university district, discovery district, and innovation district along with student housing and sports facilities.

See more at Dholera Special Education Region

If we talk about cities, these are never-ending projects Isn't it? Let’s talk about National Geographic and L&T India in Dholera.

National Geographic already presented Dholera as the main smart city in India. Workforce quarters and well constructed functional roads accompanied with different rider tracks and plants represent the smartest mindset of the best MNCs working 24*7. L&T Limited is working extremely well in installing complex mechanisms for finalizing trunk infrastructure. Sticking to the deadlines, the government has a full-fledged plan to make this city operational as quickly as possible. Even the pandemic COVID-19 has not impacted its growth.

Dholera Activation Area (Industrial Park) Development Progress Highlights  

Dholera Development Authority Planned back in November 2014. Its roads & services contract allotted in June 2015.  

These Trunk Infrastructure implemented in Dholera Activation Area such as; 

1. Roads & Utility Services About 72 km

2. Flood Management – River training and bunding on Adhiya river About 15 km

3. Potable Water Supply About to 135 km

4. Waste Water Treatment (STP & CETP) - STP 20 MLD - CETP 35MLD

5. Solid Waste Management About 22.5 sq. km

6. Power Infrastructure - 430MW


Dholera Smart City Development Phase 1 Progress Highlights

Administrative and Business Centre for Dholera (ABCD Building) work completed.

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